Mailbox Marketing Flyer

Rider Type and Design prides itself on producing and distributing a professional and popular marketing flyer throughout Midland, Saginaw and Bay Counties. Relatively inexpensive, and extremely effective, the marketing flyer that is distributed throughout this targeted area is a proven success.

Each month we send out about 150,000 flyers to residences throughout these counties. The flyers are printed and mailed the first Monday of each month.

This format allows for there to be consistent contact with homeowners that can be converted to new customers. They receive one point of contact with your name on it and then are again exposed to your company two weeks later. This condensed exposure is proven to have a higher conversion rate then other direct mail campaigns. In addition to multiple exposures, other friends and family within the covered areas receive the Marketing Flyer, and this helps to create buzz as well.

Our Marketing Flyer is a great way to start a new conversation that can guide potential new business your way.  If you haven’t considered having this form of marketing as part of your mix, you should consider the benefits.  Using the format of marketing is a perfect way for you to use incentives and a call to actions to get people to act NOW! Highlight your product or service and go beyond the information that is on our business card. Many of your initial leads will come in the days immediately following the placement of the flyers, but recipients also hold onto their flyers and call later in the season.

If you are interested in advertising with us, please contact us for more information, Our friendly staff will help explain how the Marketing Flyer works, and how you can start to drive customers to your unique services.